‘Point of life is not work': CEO says 5 hour workday better for business, workers


(FoxNews.com) - Entrepreneur Stephan Aarstol, CEO of Tower Paddle Boards, spoke with Tucker Carlson about his new book, which broaches the idea of a five-hour workday and explains why such a change could result in higher productivity.

“A shorter, condensed day will make society and businesses more productive,” Aarstol, author of ‘The Five-Hour Workday’, said on Fox and Friends.

Aarstol’s book says it will allow employees to “Live differently, unlock productivity and find happiness.”

“We were operating like a startup, but we’re a beach lifestyle company and we needed to live up to our brand more effectively,” Aarstol, who appeared as a contestant on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’, said.

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