Police find cocaine smuggled inside of hundreds of individual coffee beans, addressed to movie mob boss

(Guardia di Finanza)

Police in Italy intercepted a package carrying approximately 500 coffee beans stuffed with cocaine and addressed to a fictional mob boss from a movie.

The drug bust happened Friday after the suspicious package with the name "Santino D'Antonio" on it-- referencing the Italian mafia boss in "John Wick"-- was detected by authorities at Milan’s Malpensa airport.

"Determined to deepen the checks on the package, inside the package they actually found three envelopes of a typical Colombian coffee, a rather common commodity considering the high quality of the coffee produced in Colombia, exported all over the world," the Guardia di Finanza said in a statement.

However, upon further inspection, police realized that the package, which had arrived from Medellin, in Colombia contained 2 kilograms of coffee beans, some of which were packed with 130 grams of cocaine and carefully resealed with dark adhesive tape.

(Guardia di Finanza)

Police followed the package until it was delivered to a tobacco shop in Florence. The 50-year-old owner, an Italian citizen, was arrested.


Italian police named their operation "Caffe Scorretto" – which translates to English as Improper Coffee – a play on the name of a popular Italian drink called "caffe corretto," or corrected coffee, which is an espresso with a splash of sambuca.

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