Police issue warrant for suspected shoplifter who left child behind

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PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)- Police have now issued an arrest warrant for a mother they say left 4-year old daughter behind at Macy's after a $1500 shoplifting spree.

Central Detectives has obtained an Arrest Warrant for 27-year-old Mahogany Ashly Terry. 

FOX 29's Dave Schratwieser reports her child has been placed with her father by DHS after the shoplifting incident.

Philadelphia police were left stunned following the theft incident in Center City on the evening of February 11.

Only FOX 29 was there when a 4-year-old girl left Macy’s just before 8 p.m She wasn’t with her mom. She was with an police officer after investigators say her mom left her behind when she got caught shoplifting.

Police arrived at Macy's just after 6 p.m. when store security grabbed the little girl's 27-year-old mother.

Authorities say she tried to leave Macy's through the exit to Chestnut Street with over $1,500 worth of merchandise.

Police tell FOX 29 the mother, her daughter and the stolen merchandise were taken to the store security office.

As security staff checked in and began removing the stolen merchandise from the mother's belongings, she took off and left her little girl behind, police say.

Officers raced to the scene trying to locate the mother. Investigators arrived and spoke with the little girl who was able to tell them her name and where she lived. Police contacted family members and took the little girl to the Department of Human services Headquarters to be reunited with her grandmother.

Police say the little girl kept asking why her mommy left her behind. 

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