Police seek woman who allegedly impersonated firefighter to scam Wisconsin businesses

Wisconsin police say a woman is impersonating a member of the fire department in an effort to scam small businesses.

Police say the female suspect went to two Caledonia barber shops on Tuesday, and then a Kenosha nail salon on Wednesday.

The woman had a clip board and asked to change the tags on business fire extinguishers. Police say she scammed one of the businesses and got cash for her services.

Kenosha Fire says they conduct yearly inspections, but they are always in uniform, carry credentials, and don't charge.


A hair stylist from one of the barber shops says there were red flags.

"She said it’s expired, and you need a new tag to make sure it’s actually working properly, and then she said again the fire department sent her to check, and I’m going around businesses to do so," said Taylor Kowalski of Klip Joynt.

Dan Tilton is the Deputy Chief with the Kenosha Fire Department.

"It's unfortunate we have people in society that will take advantage of others, and we just have to be vigilant and be aware and watch out for those red flags. If something doesn’t seem right, reach out," he said.

Kenosha police say the woman is facing felony charges for impersonating a firefighter.

If you can help identify her, call the police.