Poodle mauled by pit bulls in San Jacinto neighborhood

The owner of a 10-year-old poodle mix named "Bobo" is on the hunt for a woman who owns two pit bulls that mauled Bobo while they were on a walk early Wednesday morning.

It happened in a neighborhood near Garret and Villines, and it was all caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

The video shows Bobo and his owner, Enrique Carrillo, walking when all of a sudden a woman loses control of her two pit bulls, and they charge Bobo.

"When I heard her saying Oh my God, Oh my God, I turned, that's when she couldn't hold the dogs no more," Carrillo said.

Carrillo desperately tries to protect Bobo to no avail, as the dogs pursue him and begin to maul Bobo.

Neighbor Leandra Maquinales told FOX11 she heard all the commotion and came outside with a stick to help separate the dogs. She said the owner of the pit bulls was being dragged by the dogs.

"Even for a second she just sat there and let them run after him, I was telling her get up what are you doing, help, get your dogs!" she said.

By the time the attack was over, Bobo was in bad shape.

"He was in a lot of pain, his eyes were rolling over, his tongue was sticking out, I thought I was gonna lose him," Carrillo said. "First thing I thought about was saving his life, take him to the emergency room."

While they were at the vet, Maquinales was with the owner of the pit bulls for a short time before she left the scene.

"She was kicking them and she was like this is the last straw I'm taking you to the pound cursing at them," she said. "Even her actions afterwards, and not even taking responsibility for herself, like these are my dogs I'm sorry, she wasn't even acting like that."

That's why Carrillo said he blames the owner, not the dogs, and he wants her to take responsibility for her actions.

He said Bobo's vet bills topped over $1,100, but he would pay whatever it took to save his life.

"Hopefully he'll be an active dog very soon the way he was before, he's a very happy boy," Carrillo said. "I don't think he ever deserved to be done like this."

The owner of the pit bulls has not yet been identified, and the dogs haven't been located.

Carrillo said he did make a report with authorities, and they've been patrolling the neighborhood in search of them.

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