Preliminary report: Jordyn Dumont died from blunt force trauma

An initial autopsy report released Thursday shows 3-year-old Jordyn Dumont died from blunt force trauma, according to Gaston Co. Police.

Police declined to provide further details on the cause of death other than to say blunt force trauma.

Authorities discovered Jordyn's body near her home less than a day and a half after she was reported missing. Her mother's boyfriend, William Joseph McCullen, 25, has been charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond.

On Wednesday, Gaston County Police released audio from the 911 call made the day the 3-year-old went missing. 

Listen to the 911 call

Call records released by police show Jordyn's  biological father, concerned for her well-being, had officers check in on his daughter twice in one month.

Detectives in charge of the investigation looked into the Bessemer City home's call history. Jordyn's biological father called police twice, once on June 2 and once on June 6, concerned for her welfare. Gaston Co. Police followed up both times and found "no issues."

DHHS says it conducted five unannounced home visits between March 18 and May 19, 2016 to Jordyn’s home and found no evidence the children lacked appropriate supervision or were impacted by parental substance abuse.

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Detectives said Jordyn moved to the home with her mother, Jaylene Dumont, and McCullen in early November 2015. Since that date police have responded to the home 16 times for a number of reasons.

Here is a list of the 16 visits made by police:

11/03/2015: William McCullen called reference trespass issue. ( William had inherited house and his sister and her associates were living at the house).

11/12/2015: Jaylene Dumont called police for person refusing to leave house. ( persons left before police arrived). 

11/12/2015: Police called out to residence due to William McCullen’s concern that people from earlier call may come back.

11/13/2015: William McCullen called police with further information on previous day’s call.

11/27/2015: Officer went to house three times this date looking for an unrelated person that used to live there. (considered 3 separate calls)

12/23/2015: Officer dispatched to check for a stolen vehicle ( Vehicle was found and Donald Wallace arrested)

01/09/2016: Jaylene Dumont called when William McCullen left house with her wallet.  ( not a crime).

02/19/2016: Attempting to locate a stolen vehicle (not found).

03/16/2016: Larceny of lawn equipment reported by Jaylene Dumont (Property dispute that is a civil matter).

04/06/2016: Person came to house to retrieve medication and McCullen and Dumont would not let him in.

05/14/2016: Argument between two unrelated people who were there babysitting.  Reporting person was concerned for children. No issues discovered.

06/02/2016: Jordyn Dumont’s biological father called to have police check her welfare due to not hearing from Jaylene Dumont in a while. Jaylene told officer that she did not want to have any contact from Jordan’s father.  Officer returned to the residence a short time later to follow up with Jaylene Dumont about the same call. No issues with the children were discovered. (considered two separate calls)

06/06/2016: Jordyn Dumont’s biological father called again wanting to have the police check on the welfare of children in the house after he received a letter from Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services.  Officer checked on the children and found no issues.

Anyone who observed Jordyn and McCullen on Monday prior to 3:30pm or anyone who observed the children being abused prior to Monday is asked to contact Gaston County Police at (704) 866-3320 or Crimestoppers at (704) 861-8000.