Pride Parade canceled as storms roll through

While the storms didn’t last long, Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications stands behind the city’s decision to cancel Chicago’s Pride Parade Sunday  in order to ensure the safety of all.

Wind gusts, downpours and lightning marked the 50th anniversary of Chicago’s pride. Parade-goers typically dancing in the streets instead huddled together under umbrellas and overhangs.

“I’m mad, was looking forward to it. I barely got to see a lot of it, so not happy,” said Victoria Krueger.

“The rain ain’t bad. You know I like the rain, it ain’t really nothing to me, you know,” said Chevon Patterson.

The Kick off at Noon from Montrose and Broadway got underway with a rainbow of colors, but two hours in, people turned their attention up, as dark skies took over.

The pride has so many floats, many didn’t even get started by 2:30, including our FOX 32 float, when the city of Chicago cancelled the rest of the parade. While some ran for cover, others stuck it out.

“And then we ended up hanging out under an overhang and chatting and it was a great time. So you know, I’m not complaining. I’m waterproof. I wore a swim suit. It’s all good,” said Ambrosia Rose.

“It honestly feels good, like it’s a refreshment and everything. So honestly, I feel good,” said Karla Hernanez.

“Is this dampening your day? Oh never, you can rain on pride!” said Otter Chaos.

People tend to plan ahead for this parade with colorful clothing, or a lack thereof. This year that planning had them also watching the weather forecast.

“You said, if you were smart, you would pre-game it and find shelter. We found shelter. We found snacks and the weather wins tonight Chicago. Loves wins too, but the weather really wins (woo)!” said one parade goer.