Priest gets death threat after supporting Jason Van Dyke

There is stepped-up security at a South Side school and special protection for a local priest after his support for Jason Van Dyke drew a death threat.

The Archdiocese of Chicago says police are providing around the clock security for parish property. This comes after an anonymous caller left a death threat for the pro-Van Dyke priest.

Father Edward Cronin and Sister Maria Paulina Sterling are becoming regular faces inside the Leighton Criminal Courts building. They are there to support parishioner Jason Van Dyke who's on trial for the murder of Laquan McDonald.

The father spoke with the media after court earlier this week, explaining his presence in the courtroom.

“To support and most importantly pray for a peaceful, merciful resolution,” he said.

One day later, Father Cronin of the St. Jane de Chantal parish says he received a death threat, telling him to stay away from the cameras.

“I know this man personally, so does sister. This man is not a murderer,” Cronin said.

Father Cronin would not speak on camera Friday about the threat, but he did confirm that because of it he has a police escort and protection on the parish's property.

Administrators at the parish school in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood also decided to -- for the time being -- add extra security out of an "abundance of caution.”

Father Cronin told me he is praying for healing for the city and also justice and mercy where it was needed. No threats were made against the parish or the school.