Pritzker signs Illinois budget as Republican rivals take aim at governor's tax hike record

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed the 2023 budget on Tuesday and said the plan makes historic investments in education, healthcare and human services.

"We're funding the gang crime witness protection program," Pritzker said

Pritzker also touted anti-crime initiatives and tax breaks that are part of the 2023 budget.


The Republicans vying to face off against Pritzker this fall all portray him as a tax and spend liberal.

He's already running TV ads with the response message he delivered at Tuesday's signing ceremony.

"Democrats have passed a responsible budget that allows us to provide $1.8 billion in tax relief, reducing property taxes, grocery taxes and sales taxes on back to school supplies along with holding the line on gas taxes and sending a check for hundreds of dollars to more than 90% of Illinois families," Pritzker said.

Republican candidates greeted the budget signing ceremony with varying degrees of snark.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin called Pritzker Illinois's "tax hiker in chief" while Jesse Sullivan criticized the governor's record of tax and fee hikes.

"It's election year gimmicks. What the truth of the matter is, he's raised over 24 tax and fee hikes on the people of Illinois, worth over $5 billion. Average families are paying over $2,000 more in taxes under JB Pritzker," Sullivan said.

Taxes and crime have emerged as key issues in this year's race for governor.