Prosecutors get serial robber to accept life in prison plea deal

CONROE, Texas (FOX 26) — A man has been sentenced to life in prison for committing several aggravated robberies in the Houston area.

Lazerick Scott, 38, was officially labeled a serial robber after hitting a half dozen T-Mobile stores.

Scott robbed four stores in the Houston area, one in Fort Bend County, and one in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Rob Freyer says Scott hit a T-Mobile store in New Caney, which falls under Freyer's jurisdiction.

Freyer says, after working with all the law enforcement agencies involved, he was given the OK to offer Scott the deal of life in prison in exchange for all the other robbery cases outside of Montgomery County to be dropped.

Scott took the deal.

His accomplice Gissel Hernandez, 24, got off much easier by comparison.

Freyer says Hernandez was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the string of robberies.