Protecting Pets in the Heat: PAWS Chicago shares essential tips amid soaring temps

The heat is no fun for us or our four-legged friends.

Even at night, the heat index Wednesday was in the 90s!

With that said, after the sun goes down and early mornings are the best times for walks and exercise for your pet. But make sure to keep the time limited.

Chicago weather: Record-breaking heat Wednesday and one more day of triple-digit heat index values

It's important to remember pets get dehydrated too. Chicago PAWS is reminding everyone to keep aware of your dog's body language anytime you're outside. 


"Are they panting? Are their gums changing color? Are they having difficulty walking or breathing? Any of those things can be signs that your pet is encountering some sort of heat stroke condition and that could be dangerous or deadly," said Susana Wickham from PAWS Chicago.

PAWS says dogs with black noses like pugs, Frenchies and bulldogs struggle a little more with breathing as well as animals with heart problems.

All of those groups need some extra attention in this dangerous heat.