Protesters in Chicago condemn hospital attack in Gaza

Support for Palestine demonstrations took place throughout the city Wednesday, but in downtown Chicago, thousands swarmed the streets.

It forced police to be out in great numbers.

Interfaith leaders condemned Saturday’s killing of Wadea Al Fayoume, age six, who was allegedly stabbed to death by his 71-year-old landlord 26 times.

"In what world, in what faith tradition could such a heinous crime be acceptable", one minister said.

At Xavier University, students highlighted the impact of the Israeli-Hamas War on pregnant women in Gaza.

"Our concern is women and special attention to women’s education, health and spirituality," one student said.

In downtown Chicago, from Federal Plaza to the street, supporters of Palestine marched carrying signs and holding their native flag.

With thousands in attendance, the group traveled down north Dearborn then onto Madison Street into the West Loop.

"The media is showing the Palestinian people as savages, it’s the other way around," one demonstrator said.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza says more than 3,500 Palestinians have died since last Saturday. That number includes 800 children. Also, 13,000 others were reportedly injured.

Palestinian supporters continue to call for peace, unity and a ceasefire. Organizers say more demonstrations are being planned for the days ahead.