Protesters in Chicago rally against R. Kelly

More alleged victims of R. Kelly seem to be coming forward.

The Sun-Times is reporting they've heard from two of R. Kelly's alleged victims who say they were assaulted years ago.

Protesters gathered in Chicago on Wednesday across the street from the entertainer's last known address to demand a change. The protesters were showing support for the two women said to be "under Kelly’s control."

The protest was organized by the "Mute R. Kelly" group, which was started in 2017 and meant to encourage radio stations to stop playing Kelly’s music.

Kiss FM's 103.5 Angi Taylor marched Wednesday night saying someone needs to stand up for the women involved.

“I don't think anybody really knew the scope and how many tentacles this all had and how many girls were involved in this whole thing,” she said.

The spotlight is back on the entertainer after a Lifetime television series featured numerous women who say they were held prisoner and sexually assaulted by R. Kelly, who continues to deny all allegations.

There was at least one fan standing across from the protest siding with the R&B star.

“Now they got these new allegations, I don't know what that's about but they need to leave him alone. The man has been through enough already. I really blame the parents. I wouldn't let my child stay somewhere for weeks, days, nights, all of that,” said Carletha Holloway.

Protest organizers say the West Side location where the gathered is where many alleged sex crimes have taken place with underage girls.

Kelly is said to be renting the property and sources say he may soon be evicted for not keeping up with rent. 

Chicago police say they've checked on the location twice this week -- once when it appeared to be vacant. Then they returned after many people were coming and going overnight. Tuesday was R. Kelly's birthday.

A police spokesperson says there are still no criminal complaints stemming from the location.