Protesters raise concerns about housing due to Obama Presidential Center

Not everyone in Chicago was happy with Tuesday's groundbreaking for the Obama Presidential Center.

A group gathered in South Shore to protest, saying they're behind the center but they're worried it will price them out of their homes.

Some neighborhood activists said that they were already seeing rising housing prices and would keep pushing for more protections in surrounding areas.


"Our renters need protections. You shouldn't be able to buy a building in South Shore, not tell folks that you're trying to get it. Not renew folks lease and try and push them out despite the fact that they're long-term residents that have been paying, right," one protester said. "Right to first refusal would help alleviate some of the issues with that and that's something Woodlawn has that South Shore doesn't have."

The group says they want Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to connect with people on the ground and figure out ways to keep longtime neighbors around.

Fears about displacing Black residents in the area developed into a years-long battle resulting in city-approved neighborhood protections, including for affordable housing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.