Quentin Tarantino mulls ideas for 10th and final film

Quentin Tarantino joined FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton and his podcast ReelBlend co-hosts for a live two-hour long conversation – in front of a sold out crowd at his New Beverly Cinema – to look back on his career and discuss the release of his first novel.

Tarantino has famously admitted that his next film, the 10th of his career, would be the last time he ever directs a film.

When asked by Hamilton if he knew what his final film would be about, Tarantino said "No, I don’t have have a clue."


He added, however: "It’ll stop me from doing something frivolous. It’ll 99% be an original."

"I don’t see me trying to out-epic ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,’" the ionic filmmaker said.

Tarantino did admit, however, that his final film could be a sequel to a past classic.

"Unless I did ‘Kill Bill 3," he said with a laugh.

When Hamilton asked if that was a possibility, Tarantino simply said: "It’s a possibility."