Rebuilt ramps opening Saturday on Jane Byrne Interchange

It is the Chicago area construction headache that just won't seem to end: the $700-million reconstruction of the Jane Byrne Interchange, but some relief is in sight.

Three re-built ramps of the Jane Byrne interchange will open up to full capacity on Saturday, which  IDOT officials say will help drivers appreciate the work so far.

One ramp runs from the inbound Dan Ryan onto the inbound Ida B. Wells Drive. There is also the second lane of the inbound Dan Ryan flyover ramp onto the Eisenhower Expressway, and that will allow for the re-opening of the Morgan Street Exit ramp. IDOT says expanding the flyover ramp will make the biggest difference.

“That's kind of a key element of the Jane Byrne project. That ramp carries about 40,000 vehicles a day. So getting that second ramp is going to pay immediate dividends for us. We think drivers coming into the city are going to see improvements right away,” said IDOT spokesperson Guy Tridgell.

IDOT wants drivers to remember that even as some of the restrictions are lifted and some of the lanes might start moving a little more quickly, it is still a construction zone.

Saturday's ramp openings will require some overnight closures Friday and those can only occur if the weather cooperates and the rain stays away.