Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Burritos


1. Chocolate Morsels - your favorite flavor will do

2. Fresh Raspberries

3. 9" Flour Tortillas

4. Butter

5. Cinnamon Sugar or Dessert Rub


Rinse Raspberries. Lay tortilla flat and place a row of raspberries on the bottom third. Place a row of chocolate morsels above and below the raspberries. Now roll the tortilla into a burrito and wrap in foil for at least an hour to shape.

Pre-heat grill to a medium heat. Unwrap burritos and brush them with melted butter as you place them on the grill. Turn burritos after  3-4 minutes and cook another 3-4 minutes till golden brown. Brush one last time with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or dessert rub as you remove them from the grill. Then serve for one fabulous dessert!