Rep. Kelly invites President Trump to tour South Side of Chicago

FOX 32 NEWS - President Trump's reference to Chicago’s violence became a laugh line Thursday as he spoke to congressional Republicans. His frequent comments about Chicago prompted a local Democrat to invite Trump to tour the South Side.

Rep. Robin Kelly said she invited President Trump to visit violence-plagued parts of her South Side second congressional district, to see whether he's really serious.

“We could talk to him about what's needed,” Kelly said. “Let him send resources. Let’s pass some of the legislation, like for national trafficking bills, so guns aren't floating here from Vice President Pence's Indiana or Speaker Ryan's Wisconsin.”

Actually, Indianapolis, the city where Pence lived until this month, set an all-time record high for murder in 2016. Indy and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near Paul Ryan’s district, both ranked among America’s 10 most dangerous cities, with more violence per capita than Chicago. 

That didn't come up when the president riffed on Chicago again Thursday, drawing partisan wisecracks about Democrats and laughter from congressional Republicans.

“Look at Chicago. What’s going on in Chicago? I said the other day, "what the hell is going on?" Trump said.

Then, when a man shouted "Democrats!" to Trump, the congressional audience erupted.

At the very moment the president asked "what's going on?" - by coincidence - the director of the University of Chicago’s crime lab was offering partial answers at a city club luncheon. Jens Ludwig put up a slide showing the rate of non-gun homicide in Chicago is about the same as in L.A., Houston or Philadelphia. The shocking difference, though, is gun homicide.

Another surprise: 60% more of the shooters in Chicago are teenagers than in other big cities. 

With teens and 20-somethings in mind, Congresswoman Kelly tweeted to the president, "Nothing stops a bullet like an opportunity. Let’s pass a #jobs bill & spur growth. @realdonaldtrump, come to my district and I’ll show you."

President Trump is unpredictable enough that, who knows?

The president told congressional Republicans Thursday that rising violence in Chicago is a big reason they need to support police and other law enforcers.