Report: Chicago schools inspector general faces scrutiny

The inspector general of Chicago Public Schools, whose investigations led to the removal of two former CEO's, faces scrutiny himself for allegedly berating employees.

Complaints about Nicholas Schuler have led the school board to hire an outside firm to investigate, according t o The Chicago Sun-Times.

One complaint, obtained by the newspaper, alleged Schuler created a “toxic workplace for everyone.” Another alleges that he's ”verbally abusive" and slams doors. The complaints were undated and anonymous.

Schuler did not return messages seeking comment on Sunday.

A school district spokesman declined comment.

The inspector general runs independently from the school board, according to state law. The mayor appoints the inspector general to a four-year term.

Schuler played a central role in an investigation that led to criminal charges against former CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. She's serving a prison sentence after admitting to a scheme where she steered no-bid contracts to a former employer for kickbacks.

Schuler also investigated former CEO Forrest Claypool, who resigned amid accusations of a cover-up during an ethics investigation involving the school district's general counsel.