Republican candidate challenging Kim Foxx launches

After asking for tips about wrongdoing in Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx’s office, the Republican running against her claims he has collected nearly three dozen.

He did it after Foxx started collecting complaints against police officers.

The still-unresolved Jussie Smollett case -- and alleged mis-steps by Foxx -- have dogged her campaign for re-election.

Eager to change the focus, Foxx unveiled a "Police Criminal Misconduct Complaint Form" online last week, inviting complaints about cops committing  crimes from burglary and excessive force to sexual misconduct and bribery.

That prompted her Republican challenger, Patrick O’Brien, to create a mockingly similar website:

“We've gotten more than 30 people who've filled out the form. We've gotten people who were victims of crime who felt their crimes weren't adequately handled,” said O’Brien.

Former Circuit Court Judge Patrick O'Brien claims some assistant state's attorneys in Foxx's office filed complaints.

“They're complaining that, while other assistants were supposed to be home and working, doing appeals and other things, that they were going on vacation and showing pictures of their vacation on various social media sites,” O’Brien said.

A spokesperson for Foxx’s campaign for re-election said the state's attorney would have no comment.