'Retribution' staring Liam Neeson hits theaters with thrilling reviews

Actor Liam Neeson may be 71-years-old, but he’s still one of the most popular action stars kicking butt on the big screen today.

Neeson stars in the new action thriller "Retribution," in theaters now, as a bank executive driving his children to school who learns that there’s a bomb under his car that will explode if he stops the car.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton sat down with the director of the film, Nimrod Antal, to discuss why the famed dramatic actor has turned into such a great action hero.

"What most action heroes get wrong," Antal said, "is the way to relate best to them is vulnerability. Everyone is so tough and so chiseled nowadays, it’s like the Instagram presentation of what a tough guy is as opposed to the reality."


The "Retribution" director added "I think the toughest of guys are vulnerable and emotional – and Liam was certainly willing to go there."

"Retribution" is in theaters now.