Revamping Chicago's Magnificent Mile: Renderings unveiled for pedestrian-friendly makeover

The Magnificent Mile is typically a tourist hotspot but it's also where 120,000 city residents live and some want it to get a facelift.

The renderings, created by design firm "Gensler," take spaces around the historic water tower and revitalize them, making them more of a gathering space for tourists and locals alike.

In the renderings, a lane of traffic has disappeared around the water tower, making it more pedestrian friendly. There are also cafés, water and art features.

More images show what Oak Street Beach could look like with a new pedestrian bridge connecting the beach to the Mag Mile.

None of these renderings are set in stone.

A spokesperson for the Mag Mile Association said these designs are the very preliminary first step to remodeling the avenue.

"Foot traffic on Michigan Avenue is back. We are, we are exceeding 2019 numbers, so it's incumbent on us as stakeholders to find opportunities to provide those visitors and those residents what they're looking for…," said Vice Chair of the Magnificent Mile Association Nichole Benolke.

These renderings will be on display this summer at the Chicago Architecture Center.