RFK Jr.'s Los Angeles home trespassed twice by same person in one day

A man is accused of trying to break into Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s home not once but twice in one day – all by the same guy – in Los Angeles' Brentwood neighborhood.

The presidential candidate wrote in his campaign social media pages that the alleged intruder climbed the fence of his home and was placed in custody Wednesday. Shortly after being let go, the same suspect allegedly returned to RFK Jr.'s home, the candidate's social media post read.

The suspect remains in custody Thursday.

The home security scare comes more than a month after an armed man pretended to be a U.S. marshal during RFK Jr.'s campaign event. These security incidents have prompted the candidate to repeatedly beg for Secret Service help. In RFK Jr.'s campaign page, the candidate said his request for Secret Service protection has been denied twice and a third request letter was shared to the public Wednesday.

RFK Jr. is running his 2024 campaign as an independent.