Robbers swarm victims as they get out of their cars on Chicago's South Side

Chicago police are looking for a group of robbers who targeted three victims on Friday on the South Side.

Police said the victims were all getting out of their cars when another car would roll up.

A group of men dressed in all black jumps out of the car with handguns, surrounds the victim, and demands the victim hand over their belongings.

The robbers jump back into the car they arrived in and take off.

Police said three robberies matching this description happened on Friday:

  • 89th and S. Chappel Ave. in Calumet Heights 
  • 83rd and S. Rhodes Ave. on the South Side 
  • 92nd and S. Kingston Ave. in Calumet Heights

Police offered this advice:

  • If confronted by offenders, attempt to remain calm.
  • Keep tracking software and security locks on your cellular phone.
  • Document serial numbers for your electronics and keep a record at your residence.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and walk in well-lit areas.
  • If you see someone suspicious, call 911.

If you have information about these robberies, Chicago police detectives would like you to call (312) 747-8273