State champion Robbins Eagles heading to Portage for regional championship game

A team of pint-size suburban football players are battling their way to the Super Bowl of their league.

The Robbins Eagles are the Pop Warner Football League's Pee Wee Illinois State Champions and were celebrated on Saturday in a special send-off. They are on their way to the regional finals in Portage on Sunday.

The team represents Robbins and Dixmoor.

"I'm thankful for the coaches for not letting us down, keeping our heads up and thankful for the team for sticking together till the end," said Kyren Edmon, who has scored 30 touchdowns in 9 games.

The team of 11-year-olds are undefeated. They play the Ohio state champions on Sunday.

"Win, lose, we all proud of you, but if you'all win, it's going down," said Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant. "This is a big moment for our community. Big."

If they win, they will be heading to the national championship in Florida.

"Coach Tyson, he inspired me to do better," said player LeBron Campbell. "Just because I'm small don't mean I can't have a lot of heart."