Robert De Niro talks about Tribeca Film Festival's new format

Robert De Niro’s famed Tribeca Film Festival is no longer only for those willing to take a trip to New York – the legendary filmmaker is now bringing the annual movie gathering straight into your living room.

The two-time Oscar winner spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about "Tribeca at Home," a new chance for movie fans around the globe to check out some of the most buzzed about films the festival has to offer.

In addition to a wide selection of films, Tribeca famously offers the reunions of some of the most iconic films of all time – this year, De Niro is joining long-time friend Al Pacino for a reunion of their legendary heist drama "Heat."


"I think it’s great that I could have a reunion at the festival that I’m one of the co-founders of and that helps the whole situation, having these reunions of movies that people remember from years gone by. It’s great."

You can check out the different "Tribeca at Home" streaming packages – starting at $25 – at