Rockdale police bodycam shows tense moments during massive fire

Rockdale police released bodycam footage showing their rescue efforts during a massive fire last week.

The major blaze tore through a trucking company.

Police said they first received conflicting reports when arriving to the fire Friday afternoon. There were dozens of employees inside the building when the fire broke out.

Officers were told maybe 30 people. But thanks to a couple police officers, the employees all got out safely.


"People were running around, screaming you know. ‘People are inside! People aren’t inside!" said Sgt. Robert Baikie of Rockdale police. "As soon as we pulled up, we heard too many explosions. We assumed – or I assumed – that it was tires popping from the heat, but when we entered the building, you could hear them too."

Police bodycam shows an officer and sergeant on scene first, running through Longhorn Trucking on Harris Drive. As police officers made their way from one room to the next, they could hear explosions and feel the walls shaking.

The large plume of black smoke continued to grow, and they knew they had to act fast.

"Employees were still coming out when we pulled up, when I got there. Officer Hein was already there. He had told me that there was an employee that might be trapped inside so myself, Chief Dykstra and Officer Hein went in," said Sgt. Baikie.

They are still investigating the cause of the blaze, but it doesn’t appear to be suspicious.

The fire may have spread to the building when a semi parked outside caught fire.

"It's not our everyday thing to do, but it is our job. You know, we're small, but I think history has proven it doesn't matter how small you are, how big you are, things could happen anywhere else," said Sgt. Baikie.

The owner of the company did not want to do an on camera for an interview, but did report losing 22 semis in the blaze.