Russia-Ukraine war: Supplies donated in suburban Chicago heading to Poland

Residents, community groups and businesses in Aurora are uniting to help Ukrainian refugees.

More than two dozen duffel bags, loaded with donations collected in the western suburbs, are heading to help in Europe. Community groups gathered the supplies then gathered to see the send-off Tuesday at the Aurora Municipal Airport.

The final destination for the donations is Poland where they'll help Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn nation.

"It's gratifying to be even a small part of this. We're glad we can help out in the way that we have," said Guy Lieser, CEO of Revv Aviation.

Revv Aviation donated the use of a King Air 350 airplane to fly the donations to New York, where the plan was to move them onto an international flight bound for Poland.


For Peter Limberger, CEO of the parent company of Revv Aviation, this brought back memories of being a child after World War II in Germany.

"He tells a story that sort of sets the tone for this and that he remembers when he was a young child receiving care packages from the United States. And what a memory that created for him with a lasting impact. So when I shared this opportunity with him, he was immediately like, absolutely have to do this. He was very, very moved by that and very, very grateful to be a part of it," said Lieser.

The donations heading to Poland include first-aid kits and other medical supplies, personal items, even toys and stuffed animals for children who may one day remember getting a care package from an American city named Aurora.