Sandra Bullock talks new Netflix film 'The Unforgivable'

Her character may be "unforgivable" in her new Netflix film, but Sandra Bullock says she’s done an unforgivable film in the past: "Speed 2."

The Oscar-winning actress sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to talk about her new Netflix film "The Unforgivable," about a woman recently released from prison who finds no forgiveness from people on the outside or herself.

When Hamilton asked if there were any aspects of her career that were ‘unforgivable’ – a role she didn’t take, a performance she wishes she could do over, Bullock had a very simple answer:

"Yes, ‘Speed 2.’"


After Hamilton laughed and confessed that he actually liked "Speed 2," Bullock said "That was brave to admit, and I appreciate that. Thank you."

The actress added "So maybe I should reflect on why I can’t forgive myself and maybe go back and watch and see the benefits of it."

You can see Sandra Bullock in her new Netflix film "The Unforgivable" on Dec. 10.