Scorpions hiding in homes for relief from Texas heat

(Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife/ Bruce Biermann)

Officials are warning about venomous critters that could also be looking for relief from the heat—inside your home.

Texas Park and Wildlife officials say scorpions are invading people’s homes as they try to keep cool during this week’s 100-plus degree temperatures. They recently shared a picture from Austin of a scorpion mom carrying her babies on her back. Eeek!

Just like their human counterparts, scorpions do not like when the temperature is too hot or too cold. They look for a place to stay where the temperature is just right (sort of like Goldilocks but with more legs and much more horrifying).

There are about 1,500 known scorpion species worldwide, according to the state agency’s website. About 18 of them can be found in Texas.

Fortunately, there are no medically dangerous scorpion species in the state.

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