Scott Darling: First Blackhawk raised in Chicago area to win Stanley Cup

Just a couple of years ago, Chicago area native Scott Darling was sitting at a bar watching the Stanley Cup Final.

Now, he's living the dream.

"Congratulations Scott," cheered a group of children in Lemont.

"The idea that a kid who grew up in the Chicagoland area will be the first player on the Stanley Cup for the Blackhawks that grew up in the Chicago area is pretty awesome," said Jennifer Macari of Gelsosomo's Pizzeria and Pub in Lemont.

Macari started a push to get homegrown talent Scott Darling and the Stanley Cup in Lemont.

"I decided to do #lemontsdarling because it's kind of a no brainier and we put it out there, we created some posters and encouraged people to come take a poster from the restaurant, take a picture around Lemont and get a message to Scott that we were pulling for him and we're so excited about everything that he had accomplished," said Macari in an interview with FOX 32's Tisha Lewis.

"We are really excited and that we were really supporting him here in Lemont," said 8-year-old Lucia Macari.

It was a long and unlikely victory for Darling who reportedly struggled to overcome an alcohol problem.

He bounced between teams before thriving with the Blackhawks.

"I mean yeah, it's literally the most incredible opportunity I've ever had in my life and just the way I got here it makes me appreciate it more, and I'm grateful for every team I've played for and every coach and all my teammates, and there are a lot of things that had to fall into place. It didn't just happen for me. So there are a lot of people. I could go all night thanking people," said Darling.

In Lemont, they're hoping to thank him.

"Lemont Park District is just an extreme supporter of his, hometown person to be able to overcome everything he did to taste that trophy, we just want to show our support. We've got a 70,000 square foot building that he's more than welcome to come to if he would like to," said Anthony Morelli, a Facility Manager at the Lemont Park District.

Morelli made his pitch in case #lemontsdarling is watching.

"Scott, come on home, parades, whatever it takes, come on home, we would love to hoist that Cup with you," said Morelli.