'Sense of responsibility': First Latina from Illinois voted into Congress

Tuesday's midterm elections promise to usher in multiple candidates who are making history, including one woman from Chicago.

State Representative Delia Ramirez has become the first Latina from Illinois voted into Congress.

"I am in awe. I have so much gratitude, and I am emotional," she said the morning after her historic win.

The progressive Democrat from Chicago will represent the 3rd Congressional District, stretching from the city to the western suburbs. She promises to focus on the economy, housing, and immigration reform now that she's broken some glass with her decisive win.

"There was a big, thick, multi-layered glass ceiling that began to shatter all very quickly. I'll be the first Latina in the entire Midwest. I will be the 14th Latina in Congress, and there is a sense of gratitude and a sense of responsibility," Ramirez said.


Ramirez is one of many firsts, including Maura Healey in Massachusetts, who becomes the first openly gay woman to be a governor in the U.S. Other notables include Sarah Huckabee Sanders winning election as the first female governor of Arkansas, Wes Moore will be the first black governor of Maryland, and Gen-Z joins Congress with Maxwell Frost winning a seat in Florida at the age of 25.

They all bring new voices to government, like Ramirez's.

"The diversity of our country is what brings its strength. I am so looking forward to building with people across this district and in the U.S. House of Representatives to do the thing we all say we want, which is to build a party of life for all of us," she said.

Ramirez heads to DC Friday to start to get ready for the new position. Breaking that barrier was just the start. Now, her and the other new faces must get to work.