Serial toilet clogger on the loose in Wisconsin, authorities say

Sheboygan police said a toilet at a community center in Wisconsin has been clogged numerous times over the past year and a half with a 20 ounce soda bottle. (Sheboygan Police Department)

A Wisconsin police department made a bit of an unusual request to the public on Tuesday after a women’s public bathroom has been repeatedly clogged over the past year and a half, authorities said.

The Facebook post from the Sheboygan Police Department, in conjunction with the Department of Public Works, started with a simple request: “please do not place trash or other rubbish into a public toilet.”

Recognizing the oddity of the statement, police went on to explain that, “someone has been clogging the women’s toilet at the Deland Community Center with a 20 ounce soda bottle.” And instead of flushing, “the person is actually inserting the bottle into the toilet pipes.”

The maneuver has cost thousands of dollars for labor and repair, police said, in addition to the fact that the bathroom was out of service.

“Why do this? I do not know, but if you help us find the person, I will tell you,” police said. “This is very strange… and gross, but that is the reality of life.”’

The facility’s toilet was clogged roughly a dozen times in 2016, about 14 times in 2017, and three times so far in 2018, Joe Kerlin, the city’s parks and forestry superintendent told the Sheboygan Press. 

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