Sexy tourism ad calls on couples to ‘do it for mom' on vacation

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(FOX News) - A Danish travel agency has come up with a creative way to combat the country’s declining birthrate.

Earlier this week, Spies Travel launched the second year of its “Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom” campaign, which encourages couples to take vacations that will boost sexual activity --so grandma can have more grandchildren.

The new two-minute spot opens with bleak statistics about Denmark’s declining population and the strain it will put on aging retirees. An older woman wistfully looks on as others play with children, clearly lamenting her grandchild-less status and the possible end of her family’s lineage.

But then the clip changes its tone and a voiceover proclaims, “Don’t despair. We may have found the solution.”

The answer, it turns out, is to send your adult children on an active, tropical holiday to boost hormones and increase the likelihood of some beach-side copulation.

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