Sheriff: Sandra Bland mentioned previous suicide attempt

New documents show that a Naperville woman, who was found hanged in a Texas jail, had previously tried to commit suicide after losing a baby.

The booking documents, 15 pages of them, indicate that Sandra Bland tried to take her own life by ingesting pills in 2014 after losing her baby. However, the documents also state that Bland told the intake officer that she was not having suicidal thoughts the day she was booked.

Bland's family disputes the notion that she was battling depression after moving to Texas to take a new job, despite her own admission to battling depression and PTSD in a Facebook post four months ago.

Her family says it makes no sense that just because Bland was involved in a confrontational traffic stop, she would have committed suicide waiting to bond out of jail.

“It raises questions why a 28 year old woman would call her mother in excitement about those two jobs and then take her own life. Sandy was a social activist. Social activists don't take their own life,” said the family’s attorney Cannon Lambert.

Bland's sister watched the entire hour-long dash cam video of the arrest.

“I'm infuriated, and everybody else should be infuriated as well,” said sister Sharon Cooper.

Cooper believes her sister was targeted by an overzealous cop who puller her over because she had out of state license plates.

“Sandy was pulled over for failure to indicated a proper lane change and in looking at that, as her sister I simply feel like the officer was picking on her,” Cooper said.

The family's lawyer suggested the release of the dashcam video is an attempt to divert attention from what happened to Bland in the jail cell where she was found hanged.     

“This family feels Sandy is speaking she's speaking saying find the truth, find the answers, we want the answers and Sandy demands them and we will find them,” Lambert said.

Texas officials were supposed to have a news conference on Wednesday to talk about the autopsy, but it was cancelled at the last minute.

The private autopsy done for the family has also been completed, but their attorney told FOX 32 News that it won't be available for about three weeks.