Shirtless off-duty Chicago cop exchanges gunfire with armed robbery suspect

New video released by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability shows an off-duty Chicago officer engaging in a brief shootout with an armed robbery suspect on the Far South Side.

On June 9 around 8 a.m., a woman was walking to her car in the 10700 block of South Morgan Street when a white SUV pulled alongside her and someone inside told her to “give us whatever you have,” police said.

The woman ran into a home nearby for help and the new video shows a shirtless off-duty police officer coming out of the house armed with a weapon and pointing the gun at the white SUV, which is driving away.

The woman can be heard on video yelling “F*** you” to whoever is inside the white SUV before shots ring out.

Police say the officer fired one shot and another shot was fired from inside the white SUV, but that nobody was hit by the gunfire.

No arrests have been made.