Some Chicago bars no longer showing NFL games

Players locked arms during the national anthem at Thursday night’s Bears-Packers game in Green Bay. The players called it a moment of unification and standing in solidarity for what's right.

But now we are seeing some protest backlash. Some places are turning the channel when football comes on.

The Bureau Bar in the South Loop was refusing to show the Bears-Packers game, and they weren’t the only ones boycotting the game. Veterans are also tuning out.

Bears fans and veterans are fired up about the NFL. While there could be a number of reasons they might burn a Jay Cutler jersey, this is about NFL players refusal to stand during the national anthem and the NFL allowing it to happen.

"To us we feel it's a disrespect of the flag and of the country," said Army veteran Rich Leschman.

And they say they'll continue to take a pass on the NFL until the league does as President Trump has suggested, changing its rules demanding player stand for the anthem.

"We've all fought for our country, some of us have friends who have never made it back and this is just a very patriotic place and we take that to heart,” said Marine veteran Dominic Jaroch.

They're not the only ones calling a foul.

The folks at The Bureau Bar are boycotting games until the first player to take a knee, Colin Kaepernick, is signed by a team.

"And it wasn't until Donald trump wanted to say something that everybody now wanted to take a knee. They're trying drape it under the auspices of the flag this has nothing to do with the flags this has everything to do with what Collin has started which is police brutality,” said bar owner Kenny Johnson.

Either way, the NFL is suffering the slings and arrows from both sides.