Some Lake County residents under boil order due to several main breaks

Some Lake County residents still remain under a precautionary boil order. It stems from some water delivery issues and is causing major headaches.

The good news is that almost everyone should have water, but the bad news is the pressure is still very low and residents will probably have to boil for two more days.

"It was terrible timing, absolutely terrible timing, one of our busiest holiday weekends," said Hawthorn Woods Mayor Dominick DiMaggio.

This has been going on now for three days, but bottled water is being offered to those who need it.

"The case is in my car now, so it’s not stressful but it’s a bit more work," said resident Megan Zenner.

The giveaway is happening at the Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center on Midlothian Road from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

"I know that everybody is doing what they can but yeah, we are tired of it," said resident LuAnn.


The boil order – for safety reasons – is for Aqua Illinois Water customers only, about 1,200 homes in Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer and unincorporated Lake County.

"I have like, nine-month-old, pregnant wife, and then I have 11-year-old kid, and we are tough times," said resident Bharathi Jeganathan, who adds the water came back on a day ago. "It started slowly, but like lot of dust and dirty in the water."

Residents are told to boil water for at least five minutes before cooking, washing, drinking or brushing your teeth.

The Aqua Illinois Utility Company says there were three water main breaks Sunday, which depleted the water supply and pressure dropped. They are still refilling the system, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"The pressure will just continue to build up and get stronger, and they will see some discolored pipes for a little bit," said Jim Bilotta with Aqua Illinois.

If you live in the area, you are being asked to conserve water to help with pressure issues. That means no watering the garden or your lawn.

Before the boil order is lifted, water quality testing has to be completed first.

"We have tested, on some initial preliminary testing, which has come back with no issues, no signs of water quality impairment, but we're going to wait until Aqua says, you know, the pressure has been stabilized," said Joel Sensenig, the Assistant Director for Lake County Public Works.