Some Little Village Discount Mall vendors must leave after judge's ruling

A partial win and a partial loss for vendors at the Little Village Discount Mall on Friday. They were rejected by a judge in their attempt to avoid being evicted, but more than half the vendors will be able to remain at their current locations.

"We are happy to report that even though we are not successful in the emergency injunction, we were able to get a little bit of an extension," said 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez.

Vendors feared they would be booted on Sunday. Now, all of them will at least get to remain until Tuesday, after coming to an agreement with the new property owner, who will allow 60 percent of the vendors to stay permanently.

"We're also happy to report the other 40 percent are in conversations with the city and we have guaranteed another location for the vendors."

That other location has yet to be disclosed, but Alderman Sigcho-Lopez said all the vendors will be able to stay in business.


"Perhaps the Discount Mall will not remain the way that we had it before, but at least we have been able to guarantee that 60 percent of the vendors will stay," Sigcho-Lopez said. "They're happy to see that everyone will be able to achieve at least the right to remain open, in business."

The big question now for the vendors who have to be out of here by Tuesday is: what's going to happen over the next couple of months? Alderman Lopez said it's going to take 10 weeks before the other location is ready to open.

A plan for those vendors is expected to be announced in the middle of next week.