Some water pressure restored in Dixmoor, allowing businesses to reopen

Some water pressure was restored in Dixmoor Sunday, however, it is still not drinkable, authorities said.

There is enough pressure to shower, and businesses can reopen.

E-learning will most likely still be in effect for school Monday.

Village President Fitzgerald Roberts said the village is back feeding water from Blue Island in their reservoir and some increased water pressure is also coming from Harvey.

Crews are expected to be out in Dixmoor between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Monday to continue to find a more permanent fix to the water problems.

It's been more than a week since residents have had reliable water service.

There have been times that no water has come out of the pipes at all. Other times, it's barely a trickle.

Residents have had to carry in cases of water, and they haven't been able to flush their toilets or take showers.


The boil water order still remains in effect as of Sunday.

Bottled water is still available at the Village Hall to residents who need it, the village said. 

Seniors are encouraged to call the Village at 708-389-6121 and water will be delivered to them.