South Elgin paranormal group reveals the mystery behind unexplained phenomena

Dealing with the paranormal may leave many on edge, but one group of Illinois moms is out to take a scientific approach to the unexplained.

In a FOX 32 special report, Natalie Bomke introduces us to the Paranormal Moms Society.

Legend has it that more than just wild animals inhabit the woods at the Jon Duerr Forest Preserve in South Elgin. But the ladies of the Paranormal Moms Society – or PMS for short - ain’t afraid of no ghost.

"We are very tough and it takes a lot to scare us," said Joanne Karis, team administrator of the Paranormal Moms Society.

"Mostly families, businesses. Anyone who has any kind of problem with a haunting that contact us. That’s what we will go to help," said Christie Chaidez, founder of the group.

Chaidez founded the group in 2007 and started with an interest in the supernatural shared by her and a neighbor.

"When it became something that she didn’t want to do any longer. I wanted to keep it going. I wanted it to be something a little more serious. I wanted to help people so I decided to start looking for more moms," Chaidez said.

"What I love about being part of it is the helping people. Because again, there’s people that have nowhere to go. They think that they’re going crazy," said Liz Mason, a historical researcher with the Paranormal Moms Society.

Mason kicks off their investigations by reading up on locations, like how some remains came to be in the forest preserve.

"This is the site of the burial of two unknown soldiers that were part of the Blackhawk War," Mason said. "They were all, they were being infected by cholera. The two that are here probably just died of that disease."

"Most people - if they’re still here – they’re just trying to make their presence known for some reason," Chaidez said.

"These soldiers probably left their families behind. So I think a lot of hauntings are unfinished business," Mason said.

"Our first goal is to go in and try to debunk whatever they’re experiencing. You know if they say they’re hearing creaking. We’re going in and trying to see if there’s something possibly in the attic that’s causing the problem. Or if there’s a door that’s opening," Chaidez said.

"I would say probably 7 out of 10 we can usually find a reason for what they’re experiencing," she added.

Still, the ladies of PMS have seen their fair share of the unexplained from mysterious voices to orbs and moving objects.

"It’s not like you see in the movies. It’s really difficult to get visual evidence. When you get visual evidence - usually the holy grail of our industry," Karis said.

"We will capture a lot of EVPs, you know, electronic voice phenomenon," Chaidez said. And that’s usually voices that you don’t hear while you’re on site. But you go back and listen to your recorders later and you’ll capture voice that you know are on the tape."

The group says the goal is provide answers to the living about what they may be experiencing.

"We help the living people when they’re in an environment where they’re terrified in their own home or their own business. We go to help them be at peace with what’s happening," Karis said.

"What we can do is sometimes empower them or else let them know that it’s actually ok. You can co-exist with the dead. Sometimes it might be maybe a loved one. They didn’t mean to scare you," Mason said.

"It’s not always scary. And it’s not always a ghost. You have to - just like with anything - just show some respect," Mason added.

"As long as we can keep doing this, we’re going to keep doing it. We love it," Chaidez said.

Since the Paranormal Moms Society is a nonprofit, its services are free of charge.