South Shore Drill Team to perform virtually at Biden's inauguration

A Chicago group will be representing the entire state of Illinois during Wednesday’s inauguration.

The South Shore Drill Team will be performing, but not in Washington DC. They recorded their routine and it will play virtually on January 20th.

The Chicago group performed on the parade route for former President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2013.

Now, the teens and young adults are prepared to do it all over again.

"It’s a lot of history being made, the first Black vice president. This is a really big team and I feel honored to be a part of it," said William Lamb.

Lamb is an honor roll student at Mount Carmel. He and 29 other members of the team practiced only three times. They had 9 days to prepare their routine for "Parade Across America," which is a virtual event for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration.

The 48-second long performance was recorded on a Chicago winter day outside because of the pandemic.

"We’ve always performed outside, that wasn’t the problem. It was just by the lakefront and it was very windy and pretty cold," Lamb said.

The team selected near the Adler Planetarium to show off the city’s skyline and to showcase a different headline associated with Chicago.

"This will give people around the country, to see people like us, a different perspective of Black children, especially from the South Side of Chicago, because the South Side of Chicago gets so much negative press all of the time," Lamb said.