South Side restaurant 'Captain's Hard Time' may have to close after thief does damage

A South Side restaurant called "Captain's Hard Time" has fallen on hard times.

The beloved eatery is struggling to stay in business after being targeted by thieves. The restaurant is a staple in the Chatham neighborhood.

Surveillance video shows a man carrying a ladder to the back of the restaurant and then climbing up onto the roof around 10 pm Tuesday night. Off camera, he rips out all the copper wiring pumping power into the restaurant. 

“I’ve just been wailing crying because it just hurts,” said Josephine Wade.

Wade, also known as "Mother Wade,” opened the place in 1987. She's hosted everyone from to the rich and famous to regular folks.

But after more than $10,000 in damage, she may have to close.

The video shows the thief hauling the ladder away. He then comes back and takes the wiring and leaves.

Police have not been out to the restaurant, yet, because they told Wade they need to have a detective come out and dust for prints. Until they do, Wade can't have her electrician do any repairs and she's losing more money every day.