South suburban stores hit by looters in wake of George Floyd protests

An Orland Park jewelry shop was among many south suburban stores hit by looters over the weekend.

Bess Friedheim Jewelry at 151st and Regent Drive was smashed, though owner Wendy Friedheim said that none of the jewelry was stolen. 

"It's violence perpetuated by criminals. We must follow the lead of the great leaders who came before us, MLK and Ghandi, who advaocated nonviolent protest to make positive change in the world," she said.

Looters also rampaged through many Chicago stores overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

The shop has been in this location for almost 30 years, and she described the damage as devastating. She saaid that they'd spent hours trying to clean up the smashed glass. 

"We just survived coronavirus, we're barely able to open. I vowed not to take a salary until possibly next year," she said. "I wanted to try to maek a go of it and it's just for nothing. It will solve nothing."

The owner has surveillance video and police told Fox 32 News that a father and his underage son were in custody.

Elsewhere, the Orland Square Mall was shut down and the entire mall was being protected by police after Facebook post spread saying that people were prepared to loot. 

Looting was also reported in Mokena, Matteson, and Tinley Park.