Special Halloween-themed citizenship ceremony takes place in Chicago

Wonder Woman, ninjas and even vampires became U.S. citizens on Thursday in Chicago.

“I can't describe all the happiness I have today because my son finally he became a citizen,” said parent Leydy Diaz.

The entire Larroda Diaz family dressed as vampires to celebrate 12-year-old Bryan joining his parents and little sister as a U.S. citizen.

“I feel happy that I’m in the United States because there's more opportunities here,” Bryan said.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services threw the Halloween party for 58 children becoming citizens.

“It's nice that they made a ceremony and did all this for the kids, and this is Francesca but she's really Moana,” said parent Amber Detwiler.

Even the staff got into the Halloween spirit, making a ceremony that's often quite emotional a lot of fun as well.

“I believe this adds to it because they get to share it with their families and they're all excited in becoming a citizen of the united states,” said Martha Medina, USCIS field officer director.

These children have parents who are citizens already, many naturalized from their original countries.

Like 12-year-old Sabrina Soto who was born in Cuba.

“Well I mean I live in this country so I think it's important for me to be a citizen of this country,” Soto said.

The kids represent 31 different countries, but their families seem to share a sense of relief.

“For me it means that we can stay here and make our dreams come true,” Diaz said.

Underneath the costumes they're all Americans now.

During the last fiscal year, more than 750 thousand immigrants were naturalized nationwide.