Speed cameras begin issuing warning tickets for drivers going over 6 mph in Chicago

The city of Chicago announced on Friday that effective immediately it will start issuing warning letters to drivers who are speeding six to 10 mph over the speed limit in Automated Speed Enforcement zones near schools and parks.

The city will then begin issuing tickets to motorists for speeding within this threshold on March 1.

According to data released by the city, fatal crashes involving people in motor vehicles increased from 52 to 92 in 2020, which is a 77% increase.

The city says these deaths "reflect a national trend and have occurred at a time when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer cars are on the road and traffic data shows cars are driving 9% faster on average." 

City officials say the goal is not to issue tickets, but rather to encourage safer driving behavior. Officials also hope to discourage speeding that is correlated with more severe injuries and deaths in traffic crashes.

The city says data from the speed enforcement program shows that automated enforcement is an effective tool. 


Drivers clocked going 11 mph over the speed limit and above will continue to be ticketed.

If a vehicle owner has never previously received an ASE ticket, they will continue to receive a zero-dollar notice of violation for the first ticket.

Fines will be $35 for vehicles traveling six to ten mph over the speed limit and $100 for vehicles travelling at 11 MPH over the speed limit and above.   

A list of where the speed cameras are located can be found here.