State Rep. La Shawn Ford resigns from Loretto Hospital board amid vaccine scandal

State Rep. La Shawn Ford resigned from the Loretto Hospital board because he was disappointed with how hospital leadership was reprimanded for handling a vaccine scandal.

"I am very disappointed with the recent developments at The Loretto Hospital regarding its use of coronavirus vaccine entrusted to the hospital," Ford, D-Chicago, said in a statement.

"Yesterday, I submitted my resignation to The Loretto Hospital’s Board Chairman Edward Hogan because I strongly disagreed with how the reprimand of the hospital leadership was handled," Ford said. "As the state representative for the hospital and as a resident in its service area, I will continue to fight for resources for The Loretto Hospital, a safety-net hospital in the Austin community."


Hospital CEO George Miller and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Anosh Ahmed have faced recent scrutiny after revelations the hospital improperly provided vaccinations to workers at Trump Tower, at a suburban church where Miller is a member, and a luxury watch shop on the Gold Coast where Ahmed shops.

Ford was not paid in his role as a board member at Loretto Hospital, according to Block Club Chicago, which broke many of the stories regarding the hospital’s improper use of the vaccines.