Strangers donate toys after drunk man vomits on holiday collection box

An over-served Christmas Grinch did something to a Toys for Tots collection box last weekend that will probably turn your stomach.

It happened during a huge Wrigleyville bar crawl on Saturday.

But in true Christmas spirit, hundreds of people are helping turn a holiday retch into holiday riches.

On Saturday, a Toys for Tots box sat inside the Nisei Lounge, a neighborhood institution just down the block from Wrigley Field.

Saturday was also the day of "T-Box", which stands for "The Twelve Bars of Christmas” - an annual Wrigleyville bar crawl with thousands of young people boozing from morning ‘till night.

But things got ugly at the Nisei when one over-served man walked in with some friends.

"Had a little accident in the box. Vomited over some of the toys that were in there that we were going to give to charity. And unfortunately after that happens, you can't really give those to the kids,” said co-owner of Nisei Lounge Brian Pistorius.

The man was pulled outside by his friends, but Nisei's bartender and bouncer felt so bad about what happened that they volunteered to donate their tips for new toys and posted it on social media.

"After that it just got retweeted and shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and the response people were giving us was just amazing. How can we help,” Pistorius said.

A website set up by the bar--"The toys for Tots Karma Challenge"-- quickly collected nearly $2-thousand-dollars in donations. And on Tuesday, those dollars bought three boxes worth of new toys at the building blocks toy store on Lincoln Avenue.

"Everyone's just contributing and it's good karma, anonymous karma. Random acts of kindness. It's so great to see during the holidays,” said Katherine McHenry of Building Blocks Toy Store.

Not only are they donating cash, but a lot of folks who heard that happened are dropping by the Nisei lounge to donate toys in person.

"I tell ya what, it's almost like a blessing in disguise. We had a nice full box of toys. But in no way, shape or form did I ever imagine we could get this type of outpouring from people,” Pistorius.

You might call it a Wrigleyville Christmas miracle.

The Nisei Lounge is still taking cash donations to buy more toys until midnight Tuesday night: Click Here to Donate

And they'll be collecting toys at a thank you party at the bar on Friday.