Student, 12, took loaded handgun to East Chicago school

A 12-year-old student is facing charges after bringing a loaded gun to school Tuesday morning in East Chicago, Indiana.

A student at Lighthouse Charter School overheard other students talking about having a gun at the school around 8 a.m. and alerted a teacher, according to East Chicago police.

The child with the gun was taken to the principal's office and officers recovered a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun, police said.

The school was placed on soft lockdown as police investigated. 


The 12-year-old was transported to East Chicago Jail for processing before being transferred to Lake County (Ind.) for dangerous possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm on school property.

Classes resumed as planned after school staff and officers said there was no further threat. All parents were notified of the situation, police said.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank the student and staff members for acting as quickly and professionally as they did during a stressful and potentially dangerous situation," East Chicago police said in a statement. "Their quick actions and response to this situation stopped a potentially dangerous situation from occurring."