Student charged after video shows brutal beating at suburban school

A brutal beating of a student at the hands of another student forced Lockport High School to go on lockdown Thursday, and the worst thing about the fight is that nobody stepped in to stop it -- not even a teacher.

The vicious attack was caught on video. The attack went on with no one stopping it while students looked on and recorded it with their phones. The victim could be seen laying on the ground motionless. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The attacker is now facing aggravated assault charges.

Three seniors said they'd never see anything like it and couldn't believe no one stepped in.

"No one stopped him. The poor kid was just getting beat up. No one stopped him. Everyone was recording it,” one senior said.

The seniors say the attacker is a junior and the victim is a sophomore who lost consciousness and they say some teeth as well. Eventually, teachers came to help the boy.

"When I saw him on the ground, he wasn't moving. And all the teachers surrounded him and like a lot of them. And then I went to my first period class and I guess that's when he got put on the stretcher and took to the hospital,” one senior said.

The attack caused the school to be put on lockdown, with students locked in their classrooms for their own safety and all after-school activities canceled.

When FOX 32 first contacted the school, reps would not confirm there was an attack but later sent a letter to parents acknowledging it.

In addition to the aggravated assault charges, the attacking student will face school disciplinary action as well.